10 signs that you urgently need sex

need sex

10 signs that you urgently need sex.

Why do we have sex? Do you think the answer is obvious? For orgasm. Or for procreation. News for you you! Fewer people are actively involved in a big sex are driven by these motivations. Most of the progressive mankind has been using sex as the most pleasant and cheapest remedy against … Yes, weight is problem.

1. You have Permanent Depression, and all around not normal and annoying.

While having sex mood improves significantly. In addition to a psychological satisfaction during sexual intercourse in the human body secretes hormones endorphins, responsible for good mood and positive perception of the human world. And some researchers argue that improved mood associated with changes in hormonal status of the organism due to the activation of certain brain centers. In fact, everything is simple: from a qualitative sex improves mood at a chemical level – and to you it does not have to put any special effort. Truly “relax and enjoy”.


Go to bed – to reduce pain sensitivity! Before orgasm in human blood is thrown out the hormone oxytocin, which is produced under the influence of painkillers endorphins – natural analogues of morphine. A female sex altogether helps produce estrogen, which suppress pain associated with premenstrual syndrome. So that sex – the best pain reliever.

3. Are you unhappy with your weight, dieting CONSTANTLY, BUT it does not help you lose weight. The bed – it’s the best sports equipment ever invented by mankind! In the excited human heart rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute – it’s like a weight-lifter during lifting barbell. One sexual intercourse burns about as many calories as 15 minutes of running at a good pace on the treadmill – on how much nicer the first second! For 30 minutes of sexual intercourse burns 200 calories. That is, having sex every day, you drop a pound of weight per week! And in the last month?

4. Do you regularly picks up all sorts of viruses. Strengthen your immune system with the help of sex! In the blood of the people who do it regularly, it contains 30 percent more antibodies than the advocates of abstinence. Therefore, sexually active ladies and gentlemen, much less pick up the flu, colds and other infectious diseases. As for diseases, which are picked up by other means – the answer is obvious: a condom. Fortunately sold these necessary things everywhere – even at the pharmacy, at least at the cash register in any supermarket. 5. you do not like the size of your breasts. Unbelievable but true: regular sex increases the chest! The fact is that during the excitation and increased blood flow to the breast can “grow” to 25 percent!


Assimilate information. In this, really hard to believe, but with each orgasm a woman … raise your IQ! American scientists, constantly researching sexual possibilities of two-legged, discovered: during orgasm blood circulation in the body is to limit the maximum speed and the oxygen-rich blood to quickly reach all organs, including the brain. A hormone system control center – the hypothalamus – also controls the operation of memory and learning centers.
7. YOU suffer from insomnia. Increasing the level when sex hormone oxytocin has a strong calming effect and it is an excellent natural sedative.

8. YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH SKIN TONE BODY. So for what all this? During sex almost all muscle groups train. And it is especially important to women, such as the muscles of the pelvis, thighs, buttocks, abdominals and arms. In addition, during sexual intercourse in blood ejected hormone testosterone, beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system. Another regular sex improves posture. 20 minutes to half an hour of sex are equated morning exercises. So, if you are basically thin, but just can not get rid of the hated tummy, now you know what to do.

9. With horror detects any new signs of aging on your face.

Regular sex increases the body’s collagen,important for women, who, as you know, makes the skin smooth and silky. And produced by the body during sex progesterone eliminates pimples on the face. According to the same US study, couples who are constantly making love at least 3 times a week, after 30 years, always look for two or three years younger than their friends who practice abstinence.


Any long-legged beautifull woman, especially younger than you, makes you calm irritation and photos of models in magazines spoil your mood for the whole day … Only passionate sex can cure this disease. When desired a man will tell you that you are the most beautiful woman on earth, it will prove the case, you finally stop thinking about how much extra centimeters girded your waist, or that the skin is not as bright as in the old days. When you want a man, it is much easier to accept and love yourself!