10 myths about sex and love

sex and love

sex and love

10 myths about sex and love: is there any point G, and can a man be faithful.
British newspaper The Independent made a rating of the most common myths and sexual relationships. Where is the truth, and where – just …

Myth 1: The main thing – to find the G-point.

True. The first of the existence of magical point “G” announced the German gynecologist Ernst Grefenberg. About 60 years ago the doctor suggested that every woman’s body is hidden a bundle of nerve stimulation and inevitably leads to multiple orgasms. Only one problem to find the location of it. Since then, the search for a magic point dreamed of more than one million men, yes, that really must be confessed, and women, too. However, a recent study by the Imperial College London, can bring these works to naught. To participate in the study, the researchers collected 900 pairs of twins; and since twins have the same set of genes, the G-point was present (or absent) both sisters. However, such compliance, doctors have found. So far, this research has become the most “scientific” research in this area, so that no evidence of the real existence of a point “G” no.

Myth 2. Self-satisfaction is bad for health.

True. Dozens of myths that masturbation is harmful to health, obviously were generated fantasy compassionate parents – to safe their young children from this “harmful” habits. What has not fake: and that by “this” can be blind, and that his hands covered with hair, and even that over the years the young sinners become impotent. However, doctors, oddly enough, always stand on the side of the accused: masturbation, they say, is not harmfull, but absolutely natural for young body. Harm usually unreasonable and too rigid abstinence.

Myth 3: Size does not matter True. For women, it is, as they say, a matter of taste.

Although psychologists themselves of the fair sex in the majority say that for them the main thing in sex is not physical, but emotional way. If a woman feels the love and intimacy as the approval of internal proximity, centimeters, it is not important. But for men the opposite is true: the size of his own penis plays an important role. A man affects his self-confidence, and therefore – and the quality of his sexual life. Online interview conducted in 2005, with the participation of 52,000 men found that only 55% of respondents are satisfied with the size of their genitals. Moreover, among women as much as 85% said that they are absolutely satisfied with this option with a partner.

Myth 4: Men think about sex every 52 seconds.

True. Such “measuring” the scientists from different countries and profiles is carried out with enviable regularity. Each time the results are different, but – always say not in a way of the stronger sex. That men can not live without seditious thoughts more than a half minutes, then 52 seconds, and then every 3 seconds thoughts about sex arise in men’s minds. Frankly, I believe this – even though research – data, is quite difficult. How, for example, can be conducted working talks, read the paper or even peacefully is if in the head and swarming erotic thoughts? On this question, scientists do not give an answer, however, in one converge almost everything: the stronger sex afford intimate fantasies really quite common, with many times more often than women. Most of the ladies think about sex on average 1-2 times a day.

Myth 5. Women have ejaculation too.

True. This phenomenon is described in the erotic works of ancient Greek, Roman, parchments and even the famous Kama Sutra. However, from a medical standart point, it is impossible. Yes, when you have sex, many women suffer from a certain amount of fluid excretion of internal genital organs, but, of course, no “seed” is in any case is not. Gynecologists are not taken just explain this phenomenon, however, reminded that the liquid release – normal for a healthy woman’s body and may occur at any time.

Myth 6. Women like men with circumcision.

True. On this occasion , science can only speak uniquely to this point of view: medically circumcised in early childhood is really useful – both for men and for women. This procedure reduces the chance to earn a cancer of the penis, it – provides a guaranteed hygienic intercourse. With regard to women’s preferences, there’s a private affair of each. Numerous surveys of women in this regard is not possible to track any trends or identify the “majority”; In any case, the proportion of circumcised men in the world is a negligible value, so many women will never happen to hold a private comparison.

Myth 7. Women are think much more serious about sex than men.

True. Such stereotype: the man, the male, can have any number of intimate relationships and experience with any deep feelings; but the woman instinctively looks for “single” and after the first sexual intercource is ready to follow him to the ends of the earth. In part, that’s true – but only partly. Like most psychologists say, the ladies do experience more severe pangs of conscience and may even fall into depression after a random night to a stranger. However, this is not true for everyone: interview of one of the American magazines showed that about a third of the fairer sex enjoy casual sex without any emotional consequences. As for the brief fleeting attachment to his partner, her experience, both men and women, but the romance and sentiment has nothing to do with it. Just during intercourse in the human body, a large amount of the hormone oxytocin, which causes a short-lived sense of happiness and of love.

Myth 8. The man – a male, nature told him to impregnate as many females as possible.

True. It is sad to admit it, but this stereotype has some scientific basis. Six months ago in the Journal of the speaker called “human nature” there was a report about the study Dr. Akim Shuttsvolya from Brunel University (UK). Shuttsvol interviewed about 1,000 young people of both sexes and found that boys are much more interested in casual sex than women, and their requirements for potential mates is much lower.

Myth 9. Each ejaculation reduces a man’s life.

True. Sexual intercourse and everything connected with it, is traditionally associated with some mythical “male power”. In the popular mind sex exhausts the body and requires a lot of energy and emotional costs, and partly, of course, is true almost all physiological indicators during sex are rising, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, increases the secretion of several glands at once – in general, love is given to us at all not easy. But just think: what fool would matted evolution, if made reproduction process of death? We agree with this and doctors: the general medical opinion, sex is not harmful, but just trains defferent parts of body , strengthens the immune system and improves the emotional state. In addition, several studies have shown that frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer, and thus prolongs the life of man, and does not cut it.

Myth 10. Random communication does not really satisfy and lead to depression True.

In terms of physical health, frequent change of sexual partners is really no good no leads. However, the per capita state did not suffer from sexual promiscuity: as shown by a study at the University of Minnesota, the mental health of people who have recently had a casual sexual contact, is no different from that of those who are in a committed relationship. This, however, does not negate the fact that a variety of intimate greatly increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.